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Monday, December 8, 2008

Continuing the momentum

Its been a few weeks since we saw each other at the What Works and Why Conference. We've had a chance to review your comments and sit back and evaluate our time together.
So many of you were thrilled to be a part of a meeting of 'like-minds' but you wanted more of an opportunity to interact and discuss and interpret what you heard.
I hope this space can be your opportunity.

We're new at this but hope this community can grow and learn using this space for good discussions and positive learning and continue to do our best to make learning environments a better place for all children who learn differently.

Many thanks to all of you who made this conference a success; speakers, parents, volunteers, exhibitors and participants. Let's hope the energy and learning can continue on these spaces.

Please read our December Newsletter (see weblink to .pdf below) for a summary of our main presentations. Thanks to Julie Morrison (IDL's newsletter editor), Sarah Wayland, Donna Weaver, Joan Wittan and Cindy Heslin for writing and editing the articles about the conference. Please feel free to add comments or summarize your favorite presentation in this blog!

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S.V Bristol Rose said...

Hi Katharina, IDL team and Friends of IDL,
Congratulations on the success of the conference. I know how hard you all worked. Your efforts will be rewarded with a broader understanding of and greater respect for individual differences. You are changing how people think about learning differences and this WILL result in enlightened and enlightening learning environments for all children, both in school and at home.

It's wonderful to see the good work of IDL continuing and expanding.
All the best, Trish